Kitchen Cabinets FAQ

FAQ Kitchen Cabinets

A well-designed and constructed kitchen cabinet are designed to last 20-30 years with proper installation, maintenance, and high-quality materials used.
Look for the type of materials used in cabinet construction and how joints are assembled. The two main construction methods are framed and frameless: Both construction styles are great choices for your kitchen renovation.
Several aspects are influencing the price of kitchen cabinets, this includes a wide range of construction materials, hardware, finishes, colors, designs, and sizes. Kitchen Cabinets Colorado Springs offers the most affordable package in kitchen cabinets that will bring your ideal cabinet to life without spending a fortune.
Do-it-yourself cabinet installation is always the cheapest option if you’re an expert and can do it right the first time. However, a minor detail can be overlooked and mistakes can happen which can cost you more in the long run. Improper cabinet installation can cost the project to fail in five years or less, which is a huge risk with the investment you are putting into your kitchen. It is highly recommended to contact a professional like Kitchen Cabinets Colorado Springs, we provide insurance with an active license for any kitchen cabinet project, ensuring that the job is done correctly.
Semi-gloss oil-based paint is arguably the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets because of its sheen, semi-gloss paint can reflect light and stay durable and long-lasting.
The first thing to consider before deciding to paint your kitchen cabinetry is the type of materials your cabinets are made of. Are your cabinets made from laminate or MDF? Is it solid wood? Are they composed of particle board or wood veneer? The paint will impact each material you use.
If you want something specific and personalized, custom kitchen cabinets can give you the exact look you desire that can blend into the rest of your kitchen theme. They are worth the investment because they can match your personality, and add value to your home and the overall function will be based on the amount of storage system you specifically need. They are flexible that’s convenient for any home.
Kitchen Cabinets Colorado Springs work within your budget and offer the best option for your dream kitchen cabinet. The estimated time will depend on the complexity of the type of cabinet you will need. On average, the project can take about 4-8 weeks to complete. We will provide you with an accurate timeline of the installation process.
A well-built cabinet layout involves different pull-out accessories to make reaching into the blind corner a lot easier. Another popular cabinet layout is cabinets or drawers on one side and an appliance on the perpendicular side.
There are several solutions for maximizing corner cabinets such as a pull-out shelf or lazy susan which allows full access to the corner. Kitchen Cabinets Colorado Springs will provide you with options that don’t impede adjacent appliances, cabinets, or drawers to help optimize cabinet space.
Yes, Ready-To-Assemble kitchen cabinets are strong enough to hold quartz or granite countertops to a certain extent. Although, not as durable as custom kitchen cabinets, they are still hardwearing.
Shaker-style cabinets feature a symmetric line inlaid around the drawer and door frame, they use an all-plywood material which makes them durable and long-lasting.
Neutral colors are best fit for walls surrounding dark cabinets, it can be white, light blue, shades of light grey, or something warmer like warm-up brown or beige.
White cabinets are always elegant. A contrast or complementing the cabinetry can work equally well for floor or wall colors to match white cabinets. Flooring and walls can help you balance the lighting and bring out the charm and sophistication of the whole room.
Yes, kitchen cabinets are just the beginning. Your cabinet budget will be determined by the extent of your kitchen remodeling, your kitchen may require new plumbing fixtures, paint, flooring, and the labor necessary to install these elements.
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